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“Celebrating Stories: Transforming Our Lives” at Rancho La Puerta – June 14-21 2014 and November 15-22 2014

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Join me at the world-class spa, Rancho La Puerta I would love to see you and share a magical week of restoring in nature, eating delicious foods, hiking, enjoying amazing fitness classes and wonderful presentations amongst interesting people.  If you would like a discount please feel free to contact me.

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Rancho La Puerta
June 14-21 2014
November 15-22 2014

“Celebrating Stories: Transforming Our Lives”

In her evening presentation, “Creating Your Destiny”, Terry Laszlo-Gopadze, editor of The Spirit of a Women: Stories to Empower and Inspire, will share stories from her book with the hope that they will inspire you to live your life with more meaning, passion and purpose.  Each of us has a great calling, or dream. Our dreams, our longings and even our challenges can lead us to where we belong in the world.  We are creating our future, whether we realize it or not, by the stories we choose to guide us.

Author and poet, Mark Nepo, tells us of the importance of story, “Knowledge that matters, that helps us to live, comes to us through honest stories. And those only surface because of the courage of those who admit to the messy splendor of living.”  Let’s gather together and celebrate the messy splendor of living!

 The weekday workshops will bring participants together to hear stories with the diverse themes: “Connections”, “The Gift in the Challenge”,  “Changes and Choices”. We will gather in a circle to conceive, compose, and tell stories, while being offered ideas to start your own stories.  In our final session, we will carry our stories in to the Labyrinth in the Ranch’s oak grove.  Every story has a gift. What will yours be?

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