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Christina Baldwin is a writer, seminar presenter, keynote speaker, and spiritual activist. She believes that everybody has a story, and that story is the voice of humanity. Reclaiming the place of story is the core of her life work, for she believes we weave the world from the story outward. She has written many books about the importance of tracking our life stories, the empowerment of journal writing, and creating ways to speak and listen to each other with heartfelt respect. She and PeerSpirit co-founder Ann Linnea travel extensively to lecture, teach, and call people and organizations into conversations of heart and meaning. In the past few years, they have journeyed across the U.S. and Canada, England, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Zimbabwe, and South Africa to create spaces where people’s truest stories can be heard. Christina currently lives on an island near Seattle, Washington. Her most recent book is Storycatcher: Making Sense of Our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story. She and Ann have a new book, The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair.

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