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CayCay Randall-May, Ph.D. is an internationally renowned spiritual healer, intuitive, educator, and artist with more than thirty years experience working with clients throughout the world.  In 1998, she was listed among the “Whose Who of Medical Intuition” in the July issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Ordained in 1982, she has focused her ministry on prayer, especially in the group setting.  Her Phoenix prayer group has met regularly since 1985.  In her new book, Healing and the Creative Response (CayMay Press, 2010) she unifies the seemingly separate realms of healing, intuition, and creativity by identifying Four Key Steps that they share.

As Dr. Randall-May explains in this book, she went on to earn her Masters and Doctoral degrees in the life sciences.  For that reason much of her early artwork was devoted to biological, technical, and medical subjects. She has illustrated many of Arizona’s iconic wildlife, such as the bark scorpion and black widow spider, and also many of the more obscure species that share our environment.  She eventually stretched beyond scientific illustration and has explored fine art for many years.

Book and CSAside from writing, her unique career presently includes teaching college courses in healing, intuition, energy medicine and fine art, as well as providing intuitive consultation and healing to clients worldwide.


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