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Suni Paz dedicates a song to “The Spirit of a Woman”!



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Daughter of light and darkness,
Of seaweed and stars
Consider for a moment
The kingdoms awaiting you
Dream every dream
Spring forth from the earth
And in search of futures
Fertilize a new song
And crown the palm trees

Custodian of the grape vines,
Water the calendars,
Break the strongest wills
Move people’s hearts
Until they tremble!
Taste the unusual
Modify the legendary ways
Dress yourself with the dawn
Fear nothing!

© Suni Paz, Spanish Lyrics and Music
(P)Smithsonian-Folkways in Spanish
© 2010, Suni Paz, Adaptation into English



Suni Paz is a writer, singer and songwriter known to audiences worldwide.  In The Spirit of a Woman she tells a poignant story of her early years as a wife and mother struggling to survive with her family in a remote area in the northeast of Argentina, where she was blessed by the miraculous generosity of a distant neighbor. Read her bio here >

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