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A Remarkable Woman and a Tender Story

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Meeting Lena Rivkin, was a great way to start 2011. I felt grateful that we were in the beautiful embrace of Rancho La Puerta http://www.rancholapuerta.com/ where nature, nurture, organic food and delightful hikes abound and the interesting people that I meet there make it special.

I met Lena (a graphologist and artist) when I attended her wonderfully fun and revealing classes at the ranch. She can analyze you by your hand-writing! To learn more go to Abouthandwriting.com

I was immediately struck by Lena’s bright smile, humility and her genuine interest in others when I attended her class. I found her to be extremely articulate and talented.  Her analysis of the handwritings of the participants were startlingly accurate.

When Lena analyzed my handwriting she said, “Yes, I see you have a literary aptitude. Do you write at all?”  She was certainly correct. I told her I had a book published in June. When she mentioned my attention to detail, I knew she saw my “perfectionistic tendencies” and was being respectful!

Over lunch, I learned that Lena’s older brother has autism.  Lena is his guardian angel.  And so the bigger story unfolds about a sister who is loving, devoted and understanding to a brother whose limits have actually changed her into a deeper more compassionate person. You can read their story here http://blog.autismspeaks.org/2010/05/26/itow-rivkin/

They create artwork together.  Isn’t this interesting, beautiful and amazing?

Lena shared this note with me that she sent to the media. I was not aware at that time of this proposed budget cut. I wanted to share it with you too.

Re: Proposed Medi-Cal Cutbacks

“As siblings of developmentally disabled adults currently living in a group home, we are frightened and saddened by the Governor’s proposed reductions in Medi-Cal funding. These cutbacks would jeopardize the existence of their home and destroy the safe world that has been created for them. While we recognize that cuts have to be made, and regret that so many deserving people will be effected, it is unconscionable that this proposed budget would undermine the well being of the most vulnerable and helpless amongst us.”

As Franklin Roosevelt said,  ‘Society will be judged by how it treats its weakest members.’

Stu Silverman & Lena Rivkin

To learn more, or to help go to www.newhorizons.org

Lets keep Lena’s and Phillip’s story in our hearts and minds as we go through the changes in our state.

Big Love,

The Alchemy of Language: Turning Simple Words into Shimmering Works

Thursday, February 10th, 2011


I’d like to invite you to the Big Apple Conference in New York!   I’ll be attending the conference on Saturday to take the class on Memoir and Metaphor: Illuminating Your Life Through Writing.

Every story has a gift! I wonder what yours will tell? I wonder what I’ll discover about one of my own? I’m so thrilled to have this time to explore and nurture a story while meeting other writers and I wanted to share this conference with you.

On Sunday, I’ll be on the author panel talking about “The Spirit of a Woman” and the publishing process. If any of you are attending, please say hello!

If you go to the California conference, let me know how it goes!

With joy,



The International Women’s Writing Guild presents The California Conference:

The Alchemy of Language: Turning Simple Words into Shimmering Works

Friday, March 18 to Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bosch Bahái School, 500 Comstock Lane, Santa Cruz, California

Setting: The California Conference, in its 28th year, takes place at Bosch Bahai School, a 67 acre retreat center situated in the Santa Cruz Mountains among the Redwood Trees.

Program: How do we transform our simple thoughts into works that will transfix the reader? Can we become borrowers, using the information and form the great masters; nature’s images, and our own poetic lines? The alchemy of language stems from being open to inspiration wherever we find it. Come join us in finding robust nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs to make our writing shimmer.


Imitation to Originality – Modeling Our Work on the Masters’: Richelle McClain

Nature as Thesaurus – Culling Vibrant Images from the Pages of Nature: Mary Reynolds Thompson

Poetry as Springboard – Start with a Poem; Finish with a Flourish: Rachel de Baere

Workshop Directors:

Richelle McClain, Mary Reynolds Thoompson, and Rachel de Baere (see website for bios)

Conference Fees:


  • Weekend guests inclusive of entire program, two nights room and all meals: $375
  • Weekend commuters inclusive of program, exclusive of room and meals: $160
  • Day attendees – Saturday Only: $125
  • Day attendees – Sunday Only: $55


  • Weekend guests inclusive of entire program, two nights room and all meals: $395
  • Weekend commuters inclusive of program, exclusive of room and meals: $180
  • Day attendees – Saturday Only: $150
  • Day attendees – Sunday Only – $70

Registration Deposit (will be applied to the registration fee): $60

Meals: Breakfast ($9), Lunch ($12), Dinner ($13)

IWWG Annual Membership: $55

Payment: Payment may be made by credit card at www.iwwg.org. Click on Events/Calandar. Or send a check made out to IWWG and mail it to: IWWG, P.O. Box 810, New York, NY  10028.

Regional IWWG Representatives:

Northern California: Rachel de Baere (415) 456-4574, [email protected]

IWWG Headquarters: Hannelore Hahn (212) 737-7536, [email protected]

The Spirit of a Woman Available at:
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