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Inviting in the New Year

Every year at this time I have a ritual. First, I ponder the lessons I learned from last year. I also go over my list of what and who, I’m grateful for.  Thankfully it is a long list. Then I write out my intentions for the next six months.

After that, I take the time to let go of the things I need to let go of, particularly any negative emotions or judgments towards myself, or others.  Then I ask myself, what I am release in my own nature that isn’t serving me and I make a commitment to do that in the coming year.

Well this year, when I was struggling with what to give up I decided to give up self-control and so I realized I was in a losing battle with myself, but I could still laugh at myself!

Then, magic happened, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg sent me the most amazing article on this subject.   Please see the link below to this inspiring woman’s message!

Let me know what you are inviting into your life in the New Year!!!!


Go to Caryn’s link to this writing exercise for the new decade: “Writing Your Year Anew: Arrivals, Departures and Your Own Best Life” at http://themagazineofyoga.com/blog/2010/12/26/holiday-edition-caryn/

Caryn is also one of the most creative people I know!  So, I asked her to share a poem she wrote too:

When the Train Stops in Brooklyn

The conductor doesn’t know how long we’ll be here,
can’t tell us why we’re paused, but the open doors of time
don’t care. Looking across the air, the doors mercifully open,
the childhood neighborhood, sealed under a bank of clouds
and band of orange light, comes back. This is where
my fingernails formed in utero, my heart came into beating,
my arms learned to unfurl. This is where I first saw this sky,
early December, the first long tilts of winter light.

There, a row of scalloped brick tops of buildings,
a blue awning, the racing diagonals of a thousand fire escapes.
The man next to me, a player in a new Yankee’s cap and low jeans,
reaches into his wallet, pulls out a $5 for the slim Russian woman
with a crying babe in one arm and in the other, a sign asking for help.
The sky tilts back. Look, the seagulls point, this is where
the streets held themselves together with green tinsel banners
swimming over my line of vision from the back of the station wagon.
This is where my mother sang “Tora Lora Lora” with verses made from
loneliness, her young face all blushing petal and pain. This is where
I played red light green light 123, the tree sturdy as the house wasn’t
while the graffiti of another language claimed the wall facing us.

The doors close, the conductor tells us we will be moving forward,
back into this time, the past suspended always right below,
the inverse shadow of what’s to come, all migrating backwards.
I look across, let the motion — something just like love — carry me.

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg If you haven’t read her story on this website in the Stories to Empower and Inspire section here is the link – Click Here

Do find out more about Caryn! You will be happy you did!

http://themagazineofyoga.comCaryn Mirriam-Goldberg writes a weekly column, alternating between poetry about yoga and living in/as a body, and reflections on finding connection and expansion in our lives and bodies

http://BraveVoice.com — writing and singing for your life collaborative performances, workshops and consultations with rhythm and blues singer Kelley Hunt and Kansas poet laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, all geared toward reclaiming your whole voice

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

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