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Women’s Eye: Interview with Terry

Terry Laszlo-Gopadze is a licensed marriage and family therapist who’s compiled a fascinating collection of stories about empowerment and inspiration.

Her new book “The Spirit of a Woman” features women from all walks of life who, as Terry writes, have the inner spirit to face challenges and to go “into the dark and emerge with compassion and truth.”

I met Terry and four of these special  women at Book Passage in Northern California where they all did a signing.   They shared their stories with incredible honesty and enthusiasm.

“Great women came into my life and mentored me and they have helped me find many ways to heal my body, mind and spirit. Hopefully, I can pass it on to others.”       Terry Laszlo-Gopadze

Terry spent 10 years searching for the women in her book.  After reading their tales, I had to ask Terry how she found these unique personalities and what she’s learned from hearing their courageous voices…  Continue reading →


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