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Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing Vol.ll, No.4

October. 2010
Reviewed by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

Twenty-three women of different faiths, cultures, and professions tell their stories about overcoming obstacles by tapping into their beliefs about spirit within – a higher power, called by a variety of names around the globe. These women share the experience of emerging from their travails stronger and more loving than ever before. Editor of the collection, Terry Laszlo-Gopadze, says in her introduction, “A story is a spiritual gift. To really listen to the story of another is a spiritual practice.”

These stories are grouped by their themes: Connections, Creating My Destiny, The Gift of the Challenge, Changes and Choices, and Divine Interventions, and cover such woes as life-threatening illness, death of a beloved, threatened death of a culture – and of the land.

I read the book almost nonstop, completely caught by these remarkable women, who are like so many others, each with their own story, and yet so special in what they have to teach us. Included in the book are Lauren Artress, Christina Baldwin, Bobbi Gibb, Mama Donna Henes, Jyoti, Dr. Gladys McGarey, Suni Paz, Hagit Ra’anan, Janet Grace Riehl, and Sheri Ritchlin. Challenged to pick a favorite, or two or three, I couldn’t. I’d have to choose all twenty-three tales!

The level of writing is superb; each essay gripped me fully and the editor who lives in my head wouldn’t change a word. What especially holds me tight is the way each woman, at a time of crisis in her life, chooses to live and act authentically, according to her deepest beliefs and desires. The wise women live creative, fully engaged lives and lend their healing hands to the reader. Such courage gives courage to others; such grace helps us all to live more richly, more generously.

It is from Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing
Vol.ll, No.4 October. 2010
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